Nursery Air Purifier: Protect Your Newborn

By Ed Sherbenou

Editor's note: Keeping the air clean in your nursery can definitely help prevent things like infections and asthma. Here is some good information on keeping your babies air clean.

Expectant parents-to-be often hustle to prepare the new family member's room.

They agonize over proper nursery decor and furniture: everything must make the new one feel loved and stimulate baby's development. They would never dream of bottle-feeding their new bundle of joy.

But the new kid's room is splashed with fresh paint, and new carpets are installed. A fresh varnished or plastic crib is lined with the newest synthetic flame retardant treated mattress and blankets. Diapers, pajamas, pacifiers, and stuffed toys are thoughtfully staged.

Please do your new arrival a favor: spare the toxic chemicals. Love your baby by providing a safe, non-toxic nursery.

The problem of toxic chemicals in baby products came to the fore a few years back when Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) surfaced.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) outgassing from fresh paint, carpeting, furniture, and new bedding pose serious risk.

Airborne particles are most hazardous to developing lungs, and are associated with SIDS.

Since the nursery is empty, now is a good time for environmental evaluation. If the home is older than 1978, it could have lead based paint. If this is the case, absolutely do not sandpaper the room. Lead abatement is a job for professionals.

Are central air ducts clean? Air filters on the furnace upgraded from standard (cheap) fiberlass?

Carpet should be evaluated for toxic emissions, and replaced with non toxic varieties or beautiful hardwood. The term "rug ratz" wasn't invented for nothing. Babies and pets cohabit the dirtiest part of every home, the floor. Most carpets are toxic and impossible to get clean.

When you are sure the room is safe, a nursery air purifier should be installed. The brand most prominently marketed as being suitable for "bebe" is just the opposite. Your infant's room should have the best air purifier in the house. One without ozone or other questionable technologies.

A baby nursery is no place for oxidant technology based air purifiers, even photocatalytics or plasma ionizers should be excluded.

Time honored HEPA air filters with significant weights of added activated carbon (for chemical vapor control) are the ticket here, and will not come cheaply. Any ultraviolet (UV) germicidal add-ons should be premium quality: inexpensive UV is ozone prone.

Any ionizer should be ozone free, which excludes the majority.

Recommended nursery air purifiers: IQAir, Allerair, and Austin Air.

You can save yourself and your new loved one so much heartache by raising a toxfree child. A truly clean nursery, your love, and a quality air purifier give a new life a fair chance.

Click for the web's best Air Cleaner Review. The Author, Ed Sherbenou, is an experienced air purifier user, with 40 years of direct experience due to chemical sensitivity and severe allergies. He writes indoor air quality articles, posts blogs, and maintains a leading air purification website:

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